Cross country flights 2010

This is for tracklogs of XCs by Judith and Geoff. These can be viewed in two different ways:

1. Google Maps (two dimensional). This does not need Google Earth installed, and it also provides some statistical information about the flight. The tracklog is displayed in red on a Google map, defaulting to the hybrid view, i.e. it displays the place names overlaid onto the satellite image. You can change this view by selecting Map or Satellite from the top right. To get more detail, use the controls on the left to zoom in, or double click on the map point where you want it to zoom. Click on the button below the map to see the flight statistics.

2. Google Earth (three dimensional). If you have Google Earth installed, you can view the KML file with extrusion enabled, which gives a nice view of the flight. You get less statistical information than with Google maps, but it shows the altitude very graphically. Use the controls on the top right to adjust the angle at which you view the tracklog. The default is viewing from above, but to see the tracklog extruded (i.e. extended) down to the ground you can tilt the view – if your mouse has either a middle button or a depressible scroll wheel, you can tilt it by depressing the middle button or depressible scroll wheel, if your mouse has one, and moving the mouse forwards or backwards. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can tilt the view by pressing the SHIFT key and scrolling. You can also press SHIFT and the left mouse button and drag. Some versions of GE have a tilt bar on the screen.

Flight and comments
Google Maps Google Earth
05.03.11 Bellmunt to Olot. 18km View
in Google Maps
in GE

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