Cross country flights 2008

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This is for tracklogs of XCs by Judith and Geoff. These can be viewed in two different ways:

1. Google Maps (two dimensional). This does not require you to have Google Earth installed, and it also provies some statistical information about the flight. The tracklog is displayed in red on a Google map, defaulting to the hybrid view, i.e. it displays the place names overlaid onto the satellite image. You can change this view by selecting Map or Satellite from the top right. To get more detail, use the controls on the left to zoom in, or double click on the map point where you want it to zoom.

Click on the button below the map to see the flight statistics.

If the red line for the tracklog doesn't appear at first (when the page has finished loading, which may seem a little slow, because there are all the GPS waypoints to process for the map and altitude graph), just drag the map around slightly, and it should then appear.

2. Google Earth (three dimensional). If you have Google Earth installed, you can view the KML file with extrusion enabled, which gives a nice view of the flight. You get less statistical information than with Google maps, but it shows the altitude very graphically. You do need to adjust the view (tilt) on Google Earth when the file is loaded, to view it from the side. When you open GE, a slider control on the top right will appear which allows you to adjust the angle at which you view the tracklog. The default is viewing from above, but if you move the slider you will be able to view from the side, which shows the tracklog extruded (i.e. extended) down to the ground. NOTE: the latest version of GE (4.3.7284.3916 (beta)) handles tilt differently. If your mouse has either a middle button or a depressible scroll wheel, you can tilt the view by depressing the button and moving the mouse forwards or backwards. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can tilt the view by pressing the SHIFT key and scrolling. You can also press SHIFT and the left mouse button and drag. Note that crosshairs appear and that your view tilts from this point.

Flight and comments
Google Maps Google Earth
11.05.08 Malverns, 33k, paraglider. Epic day, should have got a lot further. Many did! Malverns to NW Hereford View in GE Geoff
11.05.08 Malverns, 23k. Very disappointing! Malverns to Hampton Bishop View in GE Judith
12.05.08 Corndon, 34k, hang glider. Late start. Corndon to Cefn Coch View in GE Geoff
19.05.08 Corndon to west of Newtown - flew PG with Judith and Jay. 27k. Short, but a lot of fun, including a nice low save east of Newtown. Corndon to Newtown View in GE Geoff
19.05.08 Corndon to near Llandinam. 29k Corndon to Llandinam View in GE Judith
04.06.08 Clatter to Llanfyllin. 27k. Second time at Clatter. Great SW site, lots of XC potential. Clatter to Llanfillin View in GE Judith
07.06.08 Corndon to Acton, PG. Should have got a lot further, even though I left pretty late. Let myself be intimidated by the unfirendly sky and the frequent small collapses. 14k. Corndon to Acton View in GE Geoff
09.06.08 Mynd to Bridgnorth, PG. 35k. Very pleased with it, launched in very light winds, did entire XC on my own. Mynd to Bridgnorth View in GE Geoff
09.06.08 Chabre to Orpierre. Task 2 Chabre Open, stopped part way round. 21k (though only 8k or so counted for task). N/A - different version of GpsDump used in comp. View in GE Judith
11.06.08 Task 3 Chabre Open. 18k N/A - different version of GpsDump used in comp. View in GE Judith
14.06.08 Mynd to Bridgnorth, PG. Actually a bit East of Bridgnorth. 38k. Mynd to Bridgnorth View in GE Geoff
16.06.08 Mynd to Wenlock Edge, PG. 12k. Bit of a disappointing flight, after getting to base on the climb out, then nothing! Mynd to Wenlock Edge View in GE Geoff
23.06.08 Mynd to near Clee Hill. 34k PG, day BPC cup. Mynd to Clee View in GE Geoff
23.06.08 Mynd to Orton 33k. Mynd to Orton View in GE Judith
04.07.08 Bache to New Mills. 44k Bache to New Mills View in GE Judith
04.07.08 Bache to somewhere in Wales....20k PG. Bache to somewhere View in GE Geoff
13.07.08 Mynd to just South of Stafford. 59k. PG. Really pleased with the flight. Won the day on the Mynd. Mynd to S of Stafford View in GE Geoff
13.07.08 Mynd to Much Wenlock. 22k. Mynd to Much Wenlock View in GE Judith
22.07.08 Mynd to Wenlock Edge, PG. 9k Not worth bothering with tracklog!   Geoff
22.08.08 Mynd to just short of Clee Hill. 18.4k. With Grouse. Good for the day. Mynd to near Clee View in GE Judith
23.08.08 Stanage to Chapel Haddlesey. 58k. PG Stanage to Chapel Haddlesey View in GE Geoff
23.08.08 Stanage to Norton, south of Pontefract. 48k. Stanage to Norton View in GE Judith
21.09.08 Corndon to Long Mountain, around 11k. A very short flight but technically challenging, almost nil wind, we flew and landed together. See blog for details. No tracklog   Judith and Geoff

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