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Article title
Lessons from my best year of flying since 1979 Dave explains the steps he took to improve his piloting and cross country skills, and what he learnt from entering competitions. Dave Thomas 2009
Skills – Things to do on the ridge Geoff discusses ways of using ridge soaring to improve flying skills. He offers some exercises to do this in a focused but fun way. Geoff Minshull 2009
Skills – Setting goals In this article we discuss the importance of goal setting in flying. Judith Mole and Geoff Minshull 2009
Choosing a paragliding harness This article was published in Skywings in 2008 and looks at practical issues of harness choice, for example, whether to choose airbag or foam protection; parachute position, etc. It is accompanied by a check list which can be used when testing/buying a harness. Judith Mole 2008
Skills – Keeping a logbook Why keep a logbook? A discussion of the advantages of keeping a detailed note of flying hours and experiences. Judith Mole 2008
Skills – Flying with others Flying with other aircraft – paragliders, hang gliders, sail planes, etc. can be challenging. This article outlines some of the issues and offers advice for those unsure of other aircrafts’ flying characteristics. Judith Mole 2008
Getting back into it Published in Skywings in 2000, this article was written in 1999 after I broke my arm at Lord’s Seat in Derbyshire in a hang gliding accident. It discusses the steps I took to get my confidence back and start flying again.
Judith Mole 2000


SIV videos

These videos are from the Flyeo SIV course we did in Annecy,  April 2009, with Tony Blacker, Richard Butterworth, Pat Dower, Cris Miles, Nigel Prior and Roger Purnelle. We’ve just picked out a few to illustrate the course.