Geoff writes: basically, flyable all day at the Mynd. Much of the day it was top end for PGs, though there were nearly always some in the air. It was quite gusty most of the day, with a big variation in speed, typically between 8 and 23 mph.

When I got there it was pretty cold, so I sat around for a while and read in the car, before finally braving the cold and rigging the hang glider. I flew this for a short while, then landed as the wind was dropping. I waited a while before de-rigging and switching to the PG (hoping to go XC), just so that I wouldn’t be caught having de-rigged the HG, then the wind picking up again.

Eventually, I was sure the wind really had dropped, so I de-rigged. Getting to the front with the PG, the wind promptly picked up again…. However, I did fly the PG, and was shortly climbing out at about 5.30, but decided not to go, since the very slow moving rain cloud which had recently passed us by was still visible downwind, with a line of showers near to the Clees. So I flew around for a while, in the very wave-affected air, then landed and packed up.

It was flyable till dark though, so I think most people had a good time. As far as I know, only one PG and one HG went XC, the latter leaving very low. No idea how far they got.