Geoff writes: the forecast wasn’t at all bad for the Mynd today, with sun, cumulus and light westerlies. I was optimistic for a decent XC day. However, as has been typical this year, this turned out to be nil wind nearly all day, with very, very weak cycles coming through, at very long intervals. And mostly off to the south. People did try it out, either going down (as I did once) or slope landing. No-one got more than a hundred feet or so, and most got much less than that. No-one got away.

I finally gave up on going XC at 6.00 pm. As I was leaving, about 6.20, the wind started, and it became soarable. By the time I got home, there were some gliders at around 1000′ ATO – but too late to go XC, even at this time of year. Looking at Wendy Windblows now (around 8.00 pm), it is 7 – 14 mph west. If only it had been that a few hours ago, instead of zero.

From Wendy, it seems likely that the Peaks was flyable all day with reasonable winds, and probably Llangollen too. As was Parlick, the Lakes, Wetherfell. And maybe even the Dyke.