Geoff writes: it may be the first of June, but it’s still pretty cold. I thought today would be quite breezy, not an XC day, at least on the paraglider, so decided to do the walk we had planned for last week – the Berwyn Ridge Walk. Starting at the largest waterfall in Britain (depending on which bit of the internet you believe, it may or may not be the largest, but it’s still 240 feet – not bad) you walk up to Cadair Berwyn, on the top of the ridge, than back down. The views are stunning – the web site says: “to the east you will see the flat fertile land of Cheshire, to the south the Brecon Beacons and hills of South Wales, to the west the high mountains of Cadair Idris and the Rhinogs and to the north west you will see the three highest mountain ranges in North Wales, the Snowdon massif, The Glyders and The Carneddau”. Except it wasn’t quite that stunning today, since as I arrived at the top, the cloud came down, and cut off the views.

So a walk back down the ridge, to the tea room at the bottom of the waterfall Рan amazing location for a tea room, with a perfect view of the waterfall. They even put out bird food on the fence posts at the tea room, so the birds come and sit right next to you as they (and you) eat.

So, although the weather wasn’t brilliant, definitely worth a trip back on a sunny day.

Driving back home, it was clear that it wasn’t as windy as I had expected, and in fact back at the Mynd there were at least three PGs in the air, plus Wayne setting up his hang glider, so off I went. The wind picked up though, and I couldn’t be bothered just gale hanging. It dropped off again around 8.00pm and most people got to fly, but by that time I’d given up and gone for some food.