Geoff writes: finally, a forecast where it might just be flyable. The forecast was light westerlies in the morning, cloudy, with some rain, and winds picking up later. By and large, that was true, but somewhat of an underestimation. There was a lot of rain in the morning, only stopping around 2.00pm or so. People started flying around 2.15 or so, and I went out shortly afterwards. It was nicely soarable, and surprisingly thermic, given how wet the ground was. It was easy to get high, and an XC was certainly possible, but base seemed low, and the clouds were still quite big. After an hour in the air, the wind seemed to be picking up, so I landed. The more the sky cleared, the windier it got, until everyone was on the ground, even the speed wings. The one hang glider which rigged, de-rigged without flying for some reason, though it was certainly OK for a hang glider.

And that was it really, no-one flew again since the wind never dropped off. Still, nice to fly a bit, at least.