A dreary day. Cloudy and spitting with rain at times. RASP was completely and utterly wrong here today. Good thermals my foot! I went off to do some retail therapy. It didn’t do me any good though… I’m a terrible shopper – better in a sports shop than in a clothes store any day.

So the classic conditions up north continue. Not only did Ian Miskin break the Scottish distance record yesterday, but today Mike Cavanagh, Richard Westgate and Brendan Reid broke the declared triangle record from Beinn Toaig in the Highlands. A 90km triangle, which with the multiplier counts as 338km in the league. The highest counting flights ever submitted. It looks increasingly like Richard will have to pay out the £1000 for a 1000 points prize. But with 708km in only four flights, he might be paying the money to himself. It’s a damn good incentive, if ever I saw one!