Judith writes: There was some excitement about the forecast today, but my analysis was that it wasn’t worth travelling south due to the occluded front (another one!) hanging around most of the day. Here it was zero wind and grey all day, but very warm. Too warm to stay indoors, so I spent a lot of the day gardening, having a bonfire and then going to Bishop’s Castle for cream tea. During the news there was something about the Badminton horse trials and this triggered Geoff remembering that we have a cheap Tesco badminton net that’s been lying unused in the cupboard for years. We set it up and had an hours bash about with a shuttlecock. Good fun and a good giggle.

Later we went to Bishop’s Castle again to see the BC All Skas, a local band that includes the brilliant¬†Beth Prior¬†and Peta Yapp. The group also has the town’s mayor as the bass player. Irrefutable proof how cool a place BC is!